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 CJ MY MAN! (Cjswag100's Test Results)

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Flare's Member
Flare's Member

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PostSubject: CJ MY MAN! (Cjswag100's Test Results)   Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:59 am

Name of Tester: King
Name of Testee: ChrisDuke

Deck of Tester: Sharks
Deck of Testee: Inca Assault Mode

Deck Originality: 9/15
Deck Build: 11/15
Deck Consistency: 7/10
Card Usage: 6/10
Concentration: 8/10
Ruling Knowledge: 10/10 (For this its adviced to make some mistakes to see if opponent reacts. That will make the judgment easier)
Control of Duels: 4/12
Results of Match: +6 for each win, -6 for each loss -12
Overall Performance: 19/25

Final Result: 62/119
Yellow Flare0-70
Orange flare 71-90
Red Flare 91-111
Blue Flare-Galaxy 112-119

Yellow Flare. Had a nice duel. THe only problem is your deck was too slow. It needs a little more speed to it. Plus, be sure to watch out for backrow. You played too fast, not expecting the Crimson Blader to get bounced back my Compulsory Evacuation Device. You would have been safer just making either Crimson Blader or Stardust Dragon. That way, if either one did get hit by a S/T, you had another answer. Just be more careful. Also, touch up on the deck some more. Like I said, it seems waaaaay to slow.
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Flare's Member
Flare's Member

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PostSubject: True   Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:40 am

I know it needs more speed as a Zombie deck it should be quicker but I don't wanna ruin the deck. I see what you mean like when you bounced my Crimson Blader and I will try to watch for backrow. Most of my decks don't run them only like 4
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CJ MY MAN! (Cjswag100's Test Results)
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